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works of the latest years.

just acousmatic, or for instruments and live electronics.

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1' 01'' from " ~ALA~ ", for 4 digital tracks

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for 4 digital tracks, entirely written in cSound.

~ ALA ~ was conceived in 2005 as a sequence of audio/video tableaux in which an abstract series
of numbers act as flexible basis for the development af the events.
the original chain of numbers –mapped onto different acoustic, musical, video levels- have been
more and more transposed, stretched, superimposed at different degrees of complexity
in order to achieve a renewed meaning of matter and NATURE.

here a complete version with video track by Paolo Squarzon: or here.

1' 10'' from "Metope", for 4 digital audio tracks

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Metope was written in few days on September 2005 in cSound + MaxMSP.

1' 18" from "swooshh", for 8 ch. live electronics

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written in 2005 and based on an ancient japanese poem by kamo no chomei.
a ghost voice moves all the levels of the sonic matter.

1' 18" from "terrEmerse", for double-bass recorder and live electronics

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may 2007.
for double-bass recorder and live electronics.
soloist: Monica Lopez Lau

1' 25" from "quantico, additivo", for viola and live electronics

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written in 2007, for viola and live electronics.
soloist: Martina Pettenon.

2' 15" from "Clinamen", for 6 digital tracks

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november 2007.
...from few sonic atoms to organic matter, wind, water, resonant metals...
for 6 digital tracks. all processings made in Max/MSP.
video from "Prelude" by Stan Brakhage.

3' 39" from "6 momenti", for 8 digital tracks

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october 2008.
the last part of 6 Momenti, for 8 ch. digital tracks.
written in cSound and Max/MSP.
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